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Chainmail Shirt (2005)

Mordred and Arthur. Art for the CCG Anachronism.

©2005 triking games

signed prints :
8.5 x 11 / $15.00:
13 x 19 / $30.00:
Julius Caesar   Gladius   De Bello Gallico
Jupiter Caesar's Greaves King Arthur
Lady of the Lake Excalibur Chainmail Shirt
Merlin the Wise Ramses II Ra
Minb Ikm``t Wereryet
Sainte Jeanne d'Arc Archange Michel Sainte Banniére
Epée de Martel Blanc Harnois Cyrus the Great
Mardukh Kaman-E Helal-E Irani Arabe Haye Darrande
Spara   Cuitláhuac Tezcatlipoca
Tlacochtli Ocelocolohtic Ocelomeh